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Management Strategies That Work

Management Strategies That WorkGreg Maciolek's newest book hot off the press! This is a power-packed collection of insights and strategies from professionals who make a difference everyday.

Greg's chapter is titled, "Stop Whining and Start Leading!" and discusses the fact that most managers want to blame the "system" for their inability to run their department. In reality, most obstacles are self-imposed by the manager. Read his discussion about "coaches" and "referees", you'll find it most revealing. He provides sound and effective advice for taking the lead.

Besides Greg's contribution to the book, the following are the other eleven authors:

  • Jack Daly: Recruit Only the Best
  • Gerry Layo: Attitude + Skills + Activity = Sucess
  • Linda Brock-Nelson: Harness the Power of Your Organization: Manage It!
  • Francie Dalton: Metrics Based Management
  • Brenda Gayle Bryant: The Rule of Three
  • MJ (Mary) Harwood: A Brilliant Beginning: Your First Two Months Managing
  • Captain Larry Brudnicki: Managing Risk: 7 Steps to Making the Right Decision Every Time
  • Deborah Raupp: Making Decisions Like a CEO
  • Ava Diamond: Turning Potential Into Performance
  • Christopher Malm: Supply Chain Management
  • Debbie Christofferson: Cyber Security Management Guide

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