Strategic Development

Your vision, combined with our combined analysis of utilization of resources drives the Strategic Plan. Integrated Management Resources can assess current and future opportunities for your products and/or services, your current talent pool, your physical assets and financial resources. We then work with you to develop achievable scenarios in a comprehensive Strategic Plan.

We can provide expert guidance in human resource development, product development, marketing and operations. We are able to help seamlessly integrate your Strategic Plan into your organization’s learning and development programs.

Communication Strategies

A key element in successful Strategic Plans is development and implementation of internal and external strategic messages that are concise, clear and consistent. While we are not an Advertising/Public Relations firm, we have competencies to develop integrated communication strategies and policies that result in clear, concise and consistent messages across all media.

Marketing Consulting

If needed to execute the Strategic Plan, we provide consulting services in a range of disciplines.

Integrated Management Resources has proven competencies in domestic and international marketing.

  • Product Development and Launch
  • Manufacturing Sourcing
  • Domestic and International Channels and Distributor selection
  • User’s Manual Development
  • Product and Service Collaterals
  • Media Planning

Succession Planning

Using our range of multiple products and services, Integrated Management Resources can help you better identify candidates for promotion and succession as well as providing resources for successful exit strategies.