About Us

Integrated Management Resources, Inc.
Focusing on the Human Side of Management
“Taking Your Business to New Heights!”

Integrated Management Resources, Inc., is a Knoxville, Tennessee based management assessment, training and consulting firm that focuses on three main areas:

  • Individual and team growth and productivity
  • Senior level training, coaching and development
  • Assessments to be used in the course of:
    • determining proper “job-fit”
    • 360 degree feedback assessments
    • effective management of the workforce
    • leadership and managerial effectiveness
    • organizational assessments
    • career assessments

The benefits of an outside consultant are two-fold: first, an
outside consultant can see things that the owner or senior manager
cannot see or refuses to see; second, the outside consultant can say
things to the owner or senior manager that the employees won’t say.
Despite open-door policies, empowerment programs, and owners declaring, “My people can tell me anything,” most employees won’t because they don’t want to risk political suicide and “get shot” as the messenger of bad news.

Greg Maciolek, President of IMR is  a Strategic Business Partner of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and is a distributor of Profiles International
products, of the Everything DiSC products. He is also a professional speaker and is the District Governor of Rotary International District 6780 which covers most of East Tennessee.

You will see as you explore our site, Integrated Management Resources, Inc., is a company that relies on both internal team members and external consultants who form a strategic alliance with our company. The upshot of this arrangement is that we can provide the client with any kind of expertise that is required. We are not bound by just “shoe-horning” your problems into a few solutions that may be available with a limited management consulting practice. Our team members bring a wide array of expertise to the table.

Partial Client List

  • Adhesives Research, Inc. – Glen Rock  PA
  • Alcon Laboratories – Ft Worth TX
  • Ben’s Deli – New York City NY and other locations
  • BMI – Nashville TN
  • Bush Bros and Company – Knoxville  TN
  • Catholic Diocese of Knoxville TN
  • Chain Store Guide – Tampa FL
  • East Tennessee Leadership – Loudon TN
  • Friedmann’s Appliances – Knoxville TN
  • Halls-Powell Utility District – Knoxville TN
  • Heska Corporation – Loveland  CO
  • Knoxville Leadership Foundation – Knoxville, TN
  • Knoxville Utility Board – Knoxville TN
  • Legacy Holdings – Fernandina Beach, FL
  • Lehigh County Government – Allentown PA
  • Linn Area Credit Union – Cedar Rapids  IA
  • LSG Sky Chefs – Neu-Isenburg, Germany & Dallas, TX
  • Lufthansa Cargo – New York City NY
  • Metal-Matic, Inc. – Minneapolis MN
  • NASA – Huntsville AL
  • Second Harvest Food Bank – Maryville TN
  • Significan LC – Akron OH
  • Stowers Machinery Inc – Knoxville TN
  • THOMCO – Suwanee GA
  • TRICOR – Nashville TN
  • SmileSource LLC – Kingwood TX