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Greg Maciolek is President and Founder of Integrated Management Resources, Inc., Knoxville,TN. Greg is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and author. He focuses on assessments for hiring, promoting and developing staff, leadership development, executive coaching and is a workforce expert. He can be contacted by email at or by phone at 865.675.5901. Website is
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Employee Recruiting and Retention Articles

Talent Doesn’t Guarantee Success

At July’s Wimbledon’s Tennis Championship, Roger Federer won his 15th Grand Slam tournament title surpassing Pete Sampras’s total of 14. He is regarded by many as the greatest tennis player in modern times.

You can parallel his successes with Tiger Woods’ major tournament wins. Tiger has won 14 majors and is on track to pass Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18. I think everyone knowledgeable of the game of golf would say that Tiger’s game is complete from tee to green.

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Trust and Conflict: A Manager’s Greatest Assets

How many times as a manager have you “faked it” when faced with admitting to your team that you didn’t know the answer or that you needed help to get something done? You didn’t say you’d find out and get back to the team – you just said you’d take care of it.

Too many leaders feel they can never admit to their team, their associates or even themselves that they don’t know the answer or where to go next, that they were wrong or that they really need help to complete a project. Managers have been raised to never admit they were wrong or that they weren’t as responsible as they ask their team to be.

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How Do Your Employees Talk About Work After Work?

Have you ever wondered how your employees talk about the workplace after work? Try to get this picture in your mind: After working all day for
you, an employee or two meet friends after work to have pizza. What are they saying about work? Is it something like, “What a crazy day it was! I can’t believe my boss, how incompetent he is. He thinks he knows
everything! He interferes with our work, gives us contradictory directions, fouls up the order and then tries to blame us for not meeting production! When we try to give input, he says that he’s the
boss and to just do what he tells us to do. I am constantly on the lookout for a new job with a new company. I’ll have ulcers before I’m thirty in this job.”

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Why Interviewing is Often Faulty and Misleading

Studies have shown that interviewing a candidate for a job position is only 14% effective in determining “job fit”. That isn’t a very high percentage of success when you think that you are hiring someone who
could affect your company or organization in a negative way. Organizations need to hire talented individuals who fit the job they are to do. You can’t win without talent. Let’s explore a couple of
scenarios as to why the interview process alone is not the best way to
hire someone.

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Why Job Interviews Are Often Misleading (shorter version)

Studies show that interviewing a candidate for a job position is only 14 percent effective in determining “job fit.” On a nice day it would be more enjoyable and just as effective to stand outside and hire every
seventh person who walks by.

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Layoffs and Opportunities

Every day you read about companies announcing the layoffs of employees as they try to rightsize their companies. While the press would have
you think that layoffs and downsizing are new things, this process goes on all the time in the business world for many reasons.

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What Have You Learned From Your Employees Today?

One of the danger signs in an organization is when all of the good ideas come from the top. It is a sure sign of stagnation or premature aging. The biggest waste in almost every company is not scrap,
utilities, or computer cost. It is the absolute waste of the human resource!

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Are You Wasting Your Competitive Advantage – Your People?

Are you more worried about sales than you are about fully engaging all of the employees who work for you? As I work with companies across the spectrum, I find that some companies do not understand the need to
fully involve the worker, manager, and staff in their work.

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Treat Gatekeepers With Respect! (updated)

A good gatekeeper is first of all loyal to her employer. That loyalty often translates into helping you help her employer, IF . . .

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Human Resources Articles

Succession Planning

If you had to replace a key manager tomorrow due to illness, injury, termination or resignation, would you have a candidate or two ready to
step in from your current management team? Does that scenario scare you?

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Training & Speaking Articles

Copyrights: How to Use Copyrighted Information Legally

Copyright: Using Movies and Music in Training Comes with Legal Obligations… and Costs

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