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Greg Maciolek is founder and CEO of Integrated Management Resources, Inc., a successful training, development and consulting company. Maciolek engages senior executives to ensure organizational alignment and growth, and a culture for excellence. His discussion of “Looking for waste in all the wrong places.” lights the way for positive change. He provides insightful solutions to the loss of productivity due to mismanagement by owners and managers. through ALPS. (Assessments, Leadership, Productivity and Strategic Planning). He discusses the value (ROI) of Assessments for the hiring and development of all employees in a company. His insights into effective Leadership help implement positive cultural change. Productivity enhancements, including time and task management, reduce conflict and improve communications. Greg’s analysis of the value of Strategic Planning provides a clear path to managing increases in performance, productivity and profits. He speaks from the heart, but with authority.

Greg’s style is intense while humorous, thought-provoking yet entertaining. His accomplishments as an Air Force fighter pilot and commander of both a flying unit and an education center, combined with his civilian work experience with General Motors and Ford Motor Company, and his work with many leading companies lends ample credibility to what he has to say. He is a contributing author to nine books on leadership.

Greg holds a B.S. in Business Administration and a M.S. in Human Resources Development. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. Maciolek is past president of the National Speakers Association Tennessee Chapter, the Smoky Mountain Chapter of American Society of Training & Development, the East Tennessee Military Affairs Council and his local Rotary club. Greg is a the District 6780 Governor (2019-2020). He is a Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation.

A partial list of clients includes Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Eastman Chemical, Bush Brothers, Scripps Networks Interactive (HGTV, Food Network, D-I-Y Network and Fine Living), Novartis Cibavision, Novartis Animal Health, Schering Plough, TMSi, Inc., Ozburn-Hessey Logistics (OHL), LSG Sky Chefs, Air National Guard Headquarters in the Pentagon multiple ANG state flying units.

Keynotes and Workshops

Note: These are examples of some of Greg’s keynotes and workshops. All can be customized to fit the client’s needs and objectives.

Are You Hiring Rabbits to Swim and Fish to Run?

Greg’s animated speech entertains and educates with examples of ways to reduce hiring costs,Greg Maciolek, Professional Speaker
reduce turnover and improve performance by selecting the right people for the right job from the start. Audiences quickly respond to how recruiting, interviewing and hiring are comparable to dating, courting and marriage. He shows what can happen when selecting officials hire and promote based on “gut” feelings about a person instead of a total person assessment. He explains the wisdom of investing in tools to get objective information about the applicant and the resulting savings in hiring “Rabbits to run and Fish to swim”. Greg demonstrates how all of these savings go right to the bottom line, paying immediate and long-lasting return on investment.

Watch short video of Greg on the hiring process

Are you a Coach or Referee?

This lively speech stresses that employees need timely and specific performance feedback. Greg weaves stories about what happens when employees are left to wonder how they are doing and how it affects performance. He introduces the concept that managing as a Coach is essential to keeping your current workforce involved, motivated, growing, stretching, satisfied and staying put. Managing as a Coach iis one of the major keys to employee productivity and retention and is a style that managers can learn to improve individual and organizational performance.

Watch short video of Greg talking about the importance of listening

How Do Your Employees Talk About Work After Work?

In today’s fluid employment market, motivation and retention of productive employees is more important than ever. While millions of dollars are spent to promote product value, almost nothing is invested in creating “organizational buzz” that attracts and retains the best people. Greg gives examples showing that just as people speak poorly about a product they purchased and are not happy with it, employees who speak poorly about their place of employment yields the same results. The best potential hire may not apply for a job opening because their friend expressed his displeasure with working there. Maciolek reveals what the numbers show and how it is the same with looking for a place to work. If someone doesn’t like a product, they tell 8-10 of their friends. If they like it, they tell 3-5 of their friends about it. If your company is perceived as “not a good place to work”, the best people avoid applying for work. Greg reveals the secrets of how keeping workers motivated on the job can position your company to attract and retain the best people.

Looking for Waste in All the Wrong Places: Remember, People ARE the Company!

Greg is most passionate about the loss of employees’ creativity and productivity. This keynote tells the audience how to “fix” a problem or emplyee by first “looking in a mirror”. He points out that most problems are set in motion by the owner or senior management, whether cultural, strategic, or operational, He demonstrates that most workers want to do a good job but often don’t have an environment to excel, the right tools to do the job or coherent expectations about what they are to do. Greg takes his audience on a journey through a company where these problems exist and how they can get them under control. He proves that the people ARE the company, AND they are also a company’s competitive advantage.

Watch short video on Greg talking about people at work

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Management Strategies That Work

Management Strategies That Work

Greg Maciolek’s newest book is a power-packed collection of insights and strategies from professionals who make a difference everyday.

Greg’s chapter is titled, “Stop Whining and Start Leading!”

His chapter addresses the concern that many managers blame the “system” for their inability to run their department. In reality, most obstacles are self-imposed by the manager. Read his discussion about “coaches” and “referees”, you’ll find it most revealing. He provides sound and effective advice for taking the lead for positive change.

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Mission Possible! Volume 8

Mission Possible! Volume 8

Imagine having an intimate conversation with twelve authors who have overcome obstacles to become successful. That’s how you’ll feel when you read the Mission Possible! Volume Eight.

Featured are:

  • Dr. Warren Bennis
  • Les Brown
  • Greg Maciolek
  • Terry Paulson
  • Thom Winninger
  • And seven other authors!

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[clientfiles] Conv_Leadership_Cvr_web.gifConversations on Leadership

Conversations on Leadership is a collection of conversations from some of America’s most dynamic leaders. Their insights, perspectives, and strategies are having a dramatic impact on people, organizations, and even countries, across America and around the world. You will learn from these leaders and find encouragement and inspiration to continue your own leadership journey. It is a journey well worth taking.

Interviews include:

  • Greg Maciolek, MS – President, Integrated Management Resources, Inc.
  • Dr. Warren Bennis – Leadership Expert and Distinguished Author
  • Alan Keyes – Former UN Ambassador and Presidential Candidate
  • Phillip Fulmer – Coach of University of Tennessee National Champions of Football in 1998
  • Robert J. Danzig – Former CEO of Hearst Publications
  • Toni Duval – Founder of TLD – Training and Leadership Development
  • Dr. Ray Russell
  • Steve Gilliland
  • Marianne Smith Edge, MS, RD, LD, FADA
  • Dr. Isabel Perry
  • Philip Resch
  • James T. Turner, Ph.D.
  • Paul H. Batz
  • Mike Foti
  • Joe Mark
  • George Hedley
  • Philip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP

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