Layoffs and Opportunities

Everyday you read about companies announcing the layoffs of employees as they try to rightsize their companies. While the press would have you think that layoffs and downsizing are new things, this process goes on all the time in the business world for many reasons. Sometimes because of bad management decision regarding new products, sometimes because the consumer has lost confidence in the company’s products or services, and a lot of times because of poor management of the company. Dr. Edwards Deming used to say that 85% of the problems with a company rests with management. As I consult with more companies, I find this to be true. Whether it is poor hiring, little if any training for new managers, a culture that doesn’t honor the creative qualities of the workers, no recognition programs, inadequate compensation, trying to grow too fast, and the list goes on. That is but a small list that causes companies to implode.

So what are the opportunities? There are some great workers out there, both employed and unemployed, looking to work for a company that understands that the workers make the company. They are looking for companies that seek the creative input from all employees, who compensate them properly, that recognize and promote those who excel and understand that training is part of the investment in their people.

Your company should be a company that people want to work for you, that you have a waiting list of applicants who are the cream of the crop and are waiting for the next opening. It isn’t any different that top college basketball and football teams that have the pick of the top ten high school seniors (think Connecticut and Tennessee in women’s basketball) who want to play for them. Get your company right and they will come.