Seminars & Workshops – Understanding Others By First Understanding Yourself!

The Secret to Effective Communications – Half-Day Workshop


  • Understand your behavioral tendencies and develop an understanding of how your behavior affects others.
  • Understand, respect, appreciate, and value individual differences.
  • Develop strategies for working together to increase productivity.
  • Enhance your effectiveness in accomplishing tasks by improving your relationship with others.

Each participant will complete a DISC Profile self-assessment on the Internet which results in a 29-page report that will be distributed at the workshop.


  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Communication skill development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer Service Training
  • Management/Supervisory Training
  • Team building
  • Self-awareness/Self-development

Number of Participants: Up to 25

Materials Investment:

  • Assessments for Business DISC Profile Report – $95.00/person
  • Workbook – $10.00/person

You will complete The DISC Profile assessment on the Internet prior to attending the workshop. Total time to take the assessment is about 12 minutes. Your 29-page report will be provided at the workshop. In addition to completing The DISC Profile assessment, you will be able to invite an unlimited number of co-workers, family and friends to complete the assessment on you for up to thirty days after the workshop. This feedback will be most instructive as you will see how others see you and compare it to how you see yourself. Additionally, you will have your own personal webpage for 60 days where you will be able to

  • Download a 295-page e-book on understanding others titled People Smarts by Tony Alessandra
  • Download two e-reports: One on Interpersonal Communications; the other on Nonverbal Communications
  • Sign up at no cost for a 52-week newsletter that reinforces what you will learn about The DISC Profile at the workshop.
  • Learn about how to interact and adapt your communications style to more effectively communicate with others by entering your DISC style and comparing it to the one you want to communicate better with.

The report and the downloads are a $142 value. What you learn about yourself and how to adapt your communications style to the receiver – priceless!

Contact us for information on bringing this workshop to your organization.

Investment for inhouse workshop: $1500 for workshop plus $105 per person for assessment and workbook. Meeting space is provided by organization.