Seminars & Workshops – Are You a Coach or a Referee?

The Magic of Effective Performance Feedback

Big reason managers have problems providing effective feedback is that they
are never taught how to do it. This workshop is designed for anyone
who is in a supervisory position. The topics covered are intended
to share ideas on how to increase productivity by helping managers succeed as
managers of other employees. What can you expect from employees? What
do employees expect of supervisors? Is delegation and empowerment
a problem in your company? For you? How do you give feedback
without a confrontation? How do you ensure accountability and responsibility? Learn
a process for giving feedback as a coach rather than being a referee!

Key Learning Points:

  • Why it is important to provide feedback to employees on a timely basis.
  • Understanding the areas that a supervisor can control in the workplace.
  • How to set expectations for employees to succeed.
  • Learn a proven formal feedback process (with handouts) to be a more effective
  • Enhance your informal feedback process with steps for five specific interactions
    with employees.

This workshop is aimed at managers and supervisors of all levels of an organization. The
participant will leave with a process that can be implemented immediately and
set the stage for dialogue with employees rather than confrontation. This
process was developed over fifteen years and used successfully by the author
and his direct reports as well as hundreds of managers who have learned the
feedback process through the workshops.

Contact us for information on coming to your
organization to do an in-house workshop. This workshop can be combined
with Managing Work Expectations workshop (highly recommended) for a one-day
workshop that will have a deep impact on the supervisor-employee relationship
in your organization.

Class size limited to 25 participants.

Investment for inhouse workshop: $1500 plus $10 per
participant. Meeting space is provided by host organization.