Leading by Communicating Effectively

The Secret to Igniting the Passion in Your Employees!

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Without a doubt, the depth of a relationship is dependent on the ability to communicate effectively with the other person. Be it a spouse, child, friend or employee, a relationship grows when both parties work to continue to grow the bond between them.

This is so true at the workplace. Managers must make the time to communicate on a regular basis with all employees. Managers almost universally say that they do not have enough time, especially for the employees. Yet when a machine breaks down, managers drop everything to determine the problem and get it operating again. Why won’t they take the time to do that when an employee is “breaking down?” They say they’ll get to them at the next review meeting. Too bad. The people ARE the company, not the damn machines! Spend two days learning about yourself and how to lead by communicating more effectively and as a bonus, learn and understand the human motivational process.

This workshop will be facilitated by Greg Maciolek.

Here is what you’ll get:

DAY ONE – Morning

Understanding Others by First Understanding Yourself!

The only person’s behavior you can change is yours.


  • You will understand your behavioral tendencies and how your behavior affects others.
  • You will understand and value individual differences.
  • You will start to develop strategies for working with others to increase productivity.
  • You will enhance your effectiveness by improving your relationships with others.

You will complete The DISC Profile on the Internet prior to attending the workshop. Total time to take the assessment is about 12 minutes. Your report will be provided at the workshop. In addition to completing The DISC Profile, you will be able to invite an unlimited number of co-workers, family and friends to complete the assessment on you for up to thirty days after the workshop. This feedback will be most instructive as you will see how others see you and compare it to how you see yourself. Additionally, you will have your own personal webpage for 60 days where you will be able to

  • Download a 295-page e-book on understanding others titled People Smarts by Tony Alessandra
  • Download two e-reports: One on Interpersonal Communications; the other on Nonverbal Communications
  • Sign up at no cost for a 52-week newsletter that reinforces what you will learn about The DISC Profile at the workshop.
  • Learn about how to interact and adapt your communications style to more effectively communicate with others by entering your DISC style and comparing it to the one you want to communicate better with.

The report and the downloads are a $142 value. What you learn about yourself and how to adapt your communications style to the receiver – priceless!


Day One – Afternoon

Determining Your Conflict Style

Learn how you deal with conflict


  • Become more aware of your own conflict style
  • Recognize the conflict styles of others
  • Assess conflict situations
  • Practice using different conflict modes

While one would like to avoid conflict of a personal or professional nature, conflict is inevitable. How you deal with conflict is key to successfully reducing any fallout from the conflict. In the morning session, you learned how to adapt your communications style to the person you are talking with. This session will also require you to complete the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Indicator on the Internet. This assessment will also take only twelve minutes.

Conflict any situation in which your concerns or desires differ from those of another person. You will gain an understanding of the two conflict handling modes of Assertiveness and Cooperativeness, which, when combined with your skills and talents, allows you to resolve conflict more effectively.

You will learn about five conflict styles of Competing, Collaborating, Comprising, Avoiding and Accommodating and when to use each one and why.

The value of the TKI report and workbook is $40.


Day Two – Morning

Providing Effective Employee Feedback

Are you a coach or a referee?


  • The why’s of providing effective employee feedback
  • Things managers can control in the workplace
  • Introduction to a formal feedback system
  • Informal feedback
  • Opportunities for feedback

One of the least trained skills of a manager is that of providing employee feedback from a holistic approach. Managers are trained to provide proper employee counseling and disciplinary sessions but not how to provide feedback that may have prevented the disciplinary situation to develop at all.

You will be introduced to a formal feedback system that you can start using the next day at your workplace. This system was developed and used by the author for over fifteen years while he was a commander in the military. It is easy to use, provides for a written report that helps to eventually write an annual performance review if your company uses one. This system puts you in a coaching mode rather than a referee mode. The definition of a referee is a manager that only talks to you when you make a mistake. This is just like a referee in a sporting event: you get attention from the referee when you commit a rules violation. Learn how to make meetings with your employees more effective when you use the formal feedback system tied in with a strong informal system of feedback.


Day Two – Afternoon

Understanding Why We Work and How to Manage the Motivation Process

The Pygmalion Effect at work in the workplace


  • Learn how your belief about people determines how you manage people.
  • Learn how you can help people to succeed or help them to fail by your actions.
  • Learn about why people work and how you can manage the motivation process by using the appropriate goals objects that are important to the person.
  • Brainstorm what is under your control as a manager and how it can increase the productivity of your employees.

One of the most misunderstood principles of managing is that you as a manager can motivate someone else. All motivation is from within all of us. We do things because we want to do them not because someone else makes us. While it is true that we’ll do what is necessary to keep our jobs, what we really need to do is engage the employee’s motivational process to excel at what they do.

This will be an interactive session as well.


Other important information:

Total investment for these two days of training is $899. Besides providing lunch, there will be refreshments and snacks both days.

Note: There are two pre-work assessments to complete that will take a total of thirty minutes. You will receive email invitations that will direct you to a website and will include your username and password. These must be completed prior to the workshop.

The total value of all of the reports, downloads, workbooks, snacks and lunches comes to $400. This is a return of 45% of your workshop investment! You will leave the workshop with more tools for your managerial challenges.Don’t wait to sign up as the seats will go fast.

If you send four or more managers to the workshop, reduce your investment by $50 each. Payment must accompany registration to receive discounts.


Four ways to register for the workshop:

  1. Use this secure site and pay with credit card
  2. Call 865.675.5901 or 800.262.6403
  3. fax your registration and credit card payment information to 865.675.5907.
  4. Or mail your registration form and payment to:

    Integrated Management Resources, Inc.

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