Handling Customer Complaints

Your customer has called with a complaint. It’s an opportunity to heal and strengthen the relationship or lose the customer forever.

Handling customer complaints is the core of customer service. A successful outcome requires careful listening, proper interpretation of the problem, and the right response. It’s not always as simple as it seems. Customers often use stalling tactics, or hide one complaint inside another until they feel comfortable enough to talk to you directly. This course will show you how to listen carefully for the clues that tell you whether a complaint is a simple objection that can be answered directly, or whether you have to probe further to find the real issue. By applying a simple six-step process, you will become adept at gathering information, analyzing the nature of a complaint or objection, and taking the proper action. You learn to defuse emotional clients, and avoid situations that create tension or confrontation.

Handling Customer Complaints will make your customer interactions proceed more smoothly. You’ll end more conversations with that great feeling that you have just created a loyal customer—and that’s money in the bank!

Course Overview

The four-lesson course can be taken at your own pace; average completion time is approximately an hour. Interactive graphics, audio, text, animation, assessments and quizzes, and practical application exercises keep the lesson engaging and entertaining. You will be astonished at how much you’ve learned!

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