Reinforcing Your Understanding Of Behavioral Styles For Customer Service

In Reinforcing Understanding Behavioral Styles, you will reinforce your understanding of your own behavioral style and use this knowledge to enhance your communication skills and increase your productivity. This course should be taken after completing “Understanding
Behavioral Styles: An Interactive Online Self-Paced Course”
(S-121P or S-121S). This course is predicated on the fact that the individual
has already taken the Personal Profile System DiSC Assessment.


The following is a description of the four lessons and the knowledge test:

  1. Recognizing Behavioral Styles

    This lesson introduces users to the idea of recognizing and improving their own performance by utilizing their newfound knowledge of behavior
    styles. Users participate in interactive drag-and-drop exercises to test themselves.

  2. Improve Your Performance

    This lesson gives users tips and advice on how to most positively interact with the four behavioral styles. Positive interaction leads to improved performance, and users are give the chance to test themselves on their knowledge.

  3. Reading and Reacting to People

    Using their own customers and coworkers as examples, users are provided an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned so far in the course. The exercise gives the user a chance to plan more effective interactions with others, resulting in a printable tool they can keep for future reference.

  4. Practical Application of Knowledge

    Through an interactive exercise, users are asked to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. By listening to a person speak and noting the words he/she chooses to convey his/her message, users select that person’s behavioral style.

  5. Knowledge Assessment

    This lesson is a test of your knowledge of the information covered in the Understanding Behavioral Styles course. This is a scored exercise. If
    you find that you have difficulty answering the questions, please feel free to review any of the lessons in the course.

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