Promote The Right Person

Do you ever question some of your promotion choices?

Does a newly promoted manager seem to be floundering in the job?

Do you think what happened to the person you promoted? He or she doesn’t
seem to be working at the same level as they did in their former position?

Do you ever wish you had a way to match an individual’s traits with the ones needed for success on the job before you promoted the individual to supervisor?

Join the crowd …

I understand your frustration. No one promotes someone to fail on purpose. It is often difficult to determine how someone will perform in a higher level position without some kind of objective data about the person even though you’ve seen this person working in their current position.

I’m sure you have heard of The Peter Principle? That is where someone is promoted to his or her level of incompetence and they stay? Do you have anyone like that in your organization? Hope not but let’s face it, they are out there and they are killing us.

I’ll wait while you ponder who they might be . . .

You want to promote individuals who are a good fit with their job, because you know these individuals will do extraordinary work and will be more satisfied and motivated to perform at their peak. There is nothing worse than promoting someone to a position and they go and make a mess of the department. And, it is often hard to have the individual go backwards to their old position.

Let me illustrate . . .

Can there be a proven process for promotion success? Yes: The secret is obtaining objective data on the individual BEFORE you make a decision.

You may have used personality assessments in the past to help you make promotion decisions but found that they did not give you what you needed. What if there was a way to benchmark the skill level of top performers and use that benchmark to help you with promoting employees?

Using an assessment just makes good sense!

The Simple Secret is to use the Profile XT™ assessment that will help you determine if the candidate is a good match for the promotion opportunity.

With the Profile XT™ you get:

  • Your candidate’s Thinking Styles…his/her potential for learning, reasoning, problem solving, and abstract thinking.
  • Your candidate’s Behavioral Traits…the influencing behaviors he/she exhibits. Nine traits are measured, including energy, assertiveness, decisiveness, independence, objective judgment, and more.
  • Your candidate’s Occupational Interests….the prediction of motivation and satisfaction in various job positions.
  • A Placement Report with a Total Person Job Match, overview, and interview questions.
  • A Coaching Report with a Total Person Overview and coaching suggestions.

The Profile XT™ gives you the information you need before you make that important promotion decision. It predicts the candidate’s potential for learning, reasoning, and problem solving – all necessary skills for the job, which are NOT measured by ordinary personality assessments.

If you have employees, you need The Profile XT™ assessment.

I’ve been helping clients with hiring, coaching, and development assessments for over nine years now. And you know what, I’m a PXT junkie – it really does predict behavior on the job. How do I know? My clients tell me so.

Why don’t you experience the Profile XT™ and see for yourself? There is no obligation!

If you want to discover the most useful hiring tool on the market and how it can help you hire the right person, contact us at and provide your name, company, phone number and position and will arrange for you to take the ProfileXT.

The Profile XT™ takes about 60 minutes. When you complete the assessment, we’ll be notified, and you will contacted to arrange for a debriefing of the assessment.

Once you invest the 60 minutes to take it and the hour to debrief it, you will discover why over 40,000 companies around the world are using the Profile XT. It can work at your company too.

Do yourself and your company a favor and take the Profile XT™

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