Module 4

PURPOSE: Create an Environment for Worker Motivation

This module provides experience in diagnosing motivational symptoms in an organizational
setting and to afford feedback with respect to one’s preferential approach to
the management of motives vis-a-vis the motives actually operating among employees.

Researchers agree that the personal motivations of employees are directly related to nearly every facet of the workplace. Therefore, it is widely, but mistakenly, assumed that leaders/managers bear the responsibility of motivating their employees toward organizational goals. However, our research demonstrates that, since motivation is an internal process, leaders/managers are responsible for providing the proper work environment in order to prompt employee self-motivation. Using validated survey instruments the participant can both evaluate his/her own personal theory of motivation, and discover what really is important to their co-workers.

This module helps leaders/managers:

  • Learn the impact of personal beliefs on motivation
  • Discover what motivates employees
  • Understand the motivation process and the role of the leader/manager in it


Specific objectives for Module 4:

  1. To provide diagnostic experience within the context of a filmed case
  2. To introduce the motivational models of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg;
  3. To provide feedback on one’s personal theory of motivation regarding subordinates
    via the Management of Motives Index;
  4. To obtain additional data on subordinate need systems via the Work
    Motivation Inventory
    for comparison with one’s own practices.


Since this training module addresses a fundamental issue in managerial performance, this training module is appropriate for all levels of management and supervision.

It is also appropriate as a preparation experience for those who are contemplating moving into the managerial or supervisory ranks.

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