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Dimensions of Leadership Profile®

Dimensions of Leadership Profile®

Collapsing organizational hierarchies and increasing workforce diversity has dramatically altered our understanding of leadership. Leadership is no longer seen as one defining role atop the business pyramid, but as a relationship between leaders and followers. Today, leaders come in many varieties, from charismatic visionaries to quiet team players. Leadership is understood in its multiple dimensions, with leaders and followers interchanging roles as the situation demands.

The Dimensions of Leadership Profile - An Approach to Understanding & Developing Effective Leaders

The Dimensions of Leadership Profile® can be used in any of three ways:

  • Focus on yourself as a leader
  • Focus on someone else as a leader
  • Focus on the type of leadership that is needed in a particular situation

The Dimensions of Leadership Profile explains the leadership role by using a wheel-shaped graph to illustrate how much emphasis is placed on each of the 12 leadership styles/dimensions. By glancing at the wheel, the respondent can get an integrated picture of the ways a leader is likely to respond to a situation.

You can learn when a particular combination of dimensions is most appropriate, who is likely to follow this kind of leader and why, and the potential pitfalls to avoid. People working together can determine how to benefit from each other's leadership contributions.

The 12 Dimensions of Leadership
  1. 1. Integrity: Leading through honesty and acceptance of personal responsibility
  2. 2. Self-Renewal: Flexible, responsive leadership that makes good use of experience
  3. 3. Fortitude: Acting with courage and confidence in the face of challenge
  4. 4. Perceiving: Looking beyond current details to the big picture
  5. 5. Judgment: Knowing what needs to be done and accurately anticipating consequences
  6. 6. Performing: Getting results by overcoming barriers to effectiveness
  7. 7. Boldness: An uncompromising approach that involves facing problems head-on
  8. 8. Team Building: Accomplishing results through others by getting them to work together
  9. 9. Collaboration: Sharing rewards and responsibility with others in the group
  10. 10. Inspiring: Energizing, motivating, and encouraging others to pursue leader-defined goals
  11. 11. Serving: Taking cues from followers and providing assistance that others can't get on their own
  12. 12. Enthusiasm: Pursuing objectives with passion and optimism, and attracting others to the cause
The Dimensions of Leadership Profile Helps Companies Develop Leaders at All Levels of the Organization
The Dimensions of Leadership Profile helps people in your organization:
  • Discover personal leadership styles & characteristics
  • Define primary qualities needed by leaders
  • Develop an understanding of the leader-follower relationship
  • Encourage acceptance of different approaches to leadership
  • Match leadership approaches to organizational needs
  • Meet the challenges of today's team-oriented workplace
  • Recognize the strengths in shared leadership
Time Required to Complete the Dimensions of Leadership Profile
Minimum Time: 1 hour Recommended Time if Used in Workshop: 3-6 hours
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