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AiA Classic

AiA Classic

Motivated and engaged employees are key to organizational success. AiA Classic is a program that changes attitudes, approaches and the way people look at other people and situations. This life-changing program designed to help people understand that they can choose how they perceive and respond to situations, people, and events.

AiA Classic, aka Adventures in Attitudes, is a learning system for professionals at all levels of the organization. The AiA Classic program has been updated with exercises and projects that are relevant to today’s workforce. It promotes the healthy attitudes that lead to positive work performance in key areas such as listening, patience, communication, adaptability and leadership.

AiA Classic Format:

AiA Classic is divided neatly to fit your scheduling needs. It can be delivered as 10 three-hour programs or 20 ninety-minute modules. There are 74 projects recommended for teams of four, each member getting a chance to lead. The projects provide practice in several key areas such as group leadership, teamwork in problem solving, and negotiation and consensus building.

AiA Classic Benefits:

Participants describe AiA Classic, not as a program, but as an experience. They always have moments of self-realization that change their attitudes in a positive way, making the process of motivation much easier. AiA Classic participants become more productive at work and are greater assets to the organization. Some of the questions focused on are:

  • How do I handle people problems at home and at work?
  • How do I solve problems and make decisions?
  • Do my attitudes toward work need to be changed? How?
  • How do I view other people?
  • Does my perception of people dictate actions in my life?
  • AiA Classic gets employees excited about the role they fill in the company. They become excited about work, have greater motivation and have a positive influence on their coworkers.

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