Establishing Credibility and Trust for Customer Service

How to build strong customer relations based on integrity and respect

Customer service is really about earning the trust of your customer. Whether your company is large or small – regardless of its reputation or the service situation – it’s that one-on-one interaction that has the greatest power to enhance (or destroy) the customer relationship. This makes knowing how to build rapport and maintain trust crucially important.

This course will show you the characteristics that people look for (both deliberately and unconsciously) when they are evaluating a person’s trustworthiness. You’ll learn elements that contribute to professional credibility. And how being able to listen, respond and pace yourself appropriately enhances your ability to quickly establish rapport with new customers. As you apply the skills found in Establishing Credibility and Trust for Customer Service during actual service calls, you will find yourself becoming more adept at forging and maintaining customer relationships that are open, productive and effective.

These skills and insights are useful in building relationships outside of the workplace as well.


The nine-lesson course can be taken at your own pace; average completion time is approximately two hours. Interactive graphics, audio, text, animation, quizzes and practical application exercises make the lessons engaging and entertaining – you may be surprised at how much you’ve

Included in this course is the Personal Listening Profile Instrument©, copyright 1995, Inscape Publishing Inc., Minneapolis, MN. This instrument will assess your natural listening preferences and provide you with tips to improve your listening skills. This is a critical element of establishing credibility and trust.

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