Career Builder Program

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The best companies invest in their people. They realize that their employees are more than a payroll expense. Employees are intelligent and resourceful people who can think, learn, and therefore, continually improve their value and ability to contribute to the organization.

Look around, read the literature, and a theme you will discover is that the best companies within any industry invest in their employees by providing them with training to become a knowledgeable and committed workforce. Training is not simply another perk or reward for above-par job performance. It is an absolute necessity that pays for itself many times over in improved performance and business results.

The 360 Solutions Career Builder program was designed for organizations that recognize the enormous capability of their employees and are willing to invest in their development. The combination of subject matter in the series was carefully selected to represent the most important topics in employee development. It is based upon 20+ years of research into those skill sets that will have the greatest impact upon the performance of employees and, therefore, upon the future of their organizations.

Career Builder gives employees advanced competencies in four critical areas:

§ Self management and personal effectiveness

§ Interpersonal relationships, communication, and trust.

§ Teamwork and collaboration

§ Leadership and accomplishing results through others

The workshops use the latest techniques in adult learning including simulations, case studies, behavior modeling, application exercises, group discussion, and skill building. The emphasis is on application rather than theory. It enables participants to learn new competencies and gives them the tools to apply them back home.


Workshop Topics:

As people attend the Career Builder workshops, they develop knowledge and skills that will significantly increase their personal effectiveness and ability to successfully interact and lead others. They will develop habits of success that will produce more capable people and more valuable employees. Never before have such diverse and critically important business, interpersonal, and leadership topics been combined into a training series with such impact.


Career Builder Modules

  • Trust: The Game of Collaboration: A fun and dynamic simulation that teaches people the results of win-lose strategies. Learn how to build trust and achieve win/win outcomes with others.
  • Creating Teams: A Blueprint for High Performance: Experience the advantages of high-performing teams over traditional work groups. Understand the essential ingredients of teams and how to create them.
  • Face to Face: Communication for Today’s Professional: Improve relationships by practicing a powerful model of two-way communication to ensure that people establish mutual understanding before taking action.
  • Effective Meetings: The Power to Get Things Done: Few would disagree that many (if not most) meetings are poorly organized and run. Learn how to create effective and efficient meetings that result in action and accountability.
  • Emotional Excellence: Handling Life’s Challenges: When and how do we get “hooked” into unproductive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving? Identify the weakening patterns that keep us from being fully capable and learn strategies and techniques to conquer them.
  • Taking Responsibility: How to be Proactive not Reactive: “Claim ownership” of the results of your life and learn to see choices available in each circumstance and situation. Experience the power and personal effectiveness that come from owning responsibility.
  • Conflict Resolution: The Road to Win/Win: Learn about healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with interpersonal conflict. Assess your own “style” and practice a powerful skill for resolving conflicts in a way that everyone wins.
  • Empowering Employees: A Guide for Success: Learn to solicit commitment rather than compliance from others. Learn the elements of empowerment and specific tools for transferring responsibilities to others.
  • Setting Performance Expectations: A Guide to Managing People: High-performing organizations require more – not less – from their employees. Learn to set performance expectations and then confront behavior that fails to meet those expectations.
  • Time Management: Acting From My Priorities: Understand the difference between “urgent” and “important” and develop habits of self-management that allow you to be proactive and not reactive in the use of time.
  • Team Decisions: Making Things Happen: Understand several methods of group decision making and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Learn methods of making wise decisions based upon a correct analysis of the problem and exploration of all alternatives.
  • Winning Relationships: Strengthening Self and Others: Understand the critical features of a vibrant and strong relationship and develop skills to interact with others in ways that strengthen their ability to clarify their vision and handle life’s problems.

Career Builder Benefits & Features

Several features built into Career Builder set it apart from other training programs on the market today:

  • Dynamic- Every workshop is packed with action and exercises that engage the participants and bring the material to life.
  • Competency-based- Participants come out of each workshop with skills and competencies that they can immediately use to improve their job performance.
  • Flexibility- The workshops are modularized so a delivery schedule can be set to minimize work disruptions and allows topics to be prioritized based on needs.
  • Get people back on the job- The modularized nature of the workshop can minimize the time people are away from the job.
  • Spaced learning- The workshops are spaced over time to allow the participants to practice and master the material between sessions.
  • Application- Each module concludes with back-home application assignments to ensure the skills are not forgotten but utilized between sessions.
  • Accountability- The workshops emphasize skills rather than theory. The participants are encouraged to create personal development plans and share them with management.
  • State of the art materials- The participant workbooks are the best on the market today to ensure ease of use, reuse, and maximum impact.
  • Customer-focused training- A 360 Solutions certified consultant/trainer is a partner who can tailor the training to meet individual client needs and help make critical implementation decisions for lasting results.

An investment in Career Builder is an investment in your people. As you give them opportunities to learn, grow, and improve their job skills, they will reward you many times over with greater commitment and performance. We look forward to your participation in the series and encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity

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