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Video Blog 8 – Long-Term Benchmarking

Greg Maciolek discusses why you want to continue to refine a benchmark over time. Once you set the initial benchmark, you need to monitor it after six months and then a year to see how well it is working to effectively hiring the right person for the job. After a year, you can look at the top performers and ensure that the benchmark is on target. If there is anyone who has been terminated, you can start looking at how that person or persons differ from the strong performers to see if you can determine critical scales. This process will go a long way towards keeping your hiring on track.

Video Blog 6 – Using Internet Technology to Screen Candidates

A lot of companies use telephone screeners to do an initial screen to see if the candidates really are ones they want to pursue. The is a time consuming process and isn’t always the most accurate way to give you the info you need. A better way is to use an Internet interviewing system that allows you to create a list of questions to ask all candidates for a certain position. A link is sent to the candidate so there isn’t a scheduling drill that needs to be accomplished. A candidate requires a web cam to complete the process. Each question is presented and then the candidate has 90 seconds to answer it. This process provides for a more uniform process for screening candidates. Plus all of the hiring officials can review the results and there isn’t any interpreting of the answers. It works great. Ask me about it.

Video Blog 5 – HR Case Study on Hiring Effectively

Greg Maciolek describes how Human Resources becomes a strategic partner and a profit center in the eyes of the Executive Team. Case study shows how a company hired 45 sales reps in three weeks and took a product line form $1M/year to $1M/month in 6 months. Top 10 sales reps averaged 125% of sales and the top 37 averaged 109% after nine months. Next five sales reps averaged between 99% and 92%. The company invested $50K and they generated $68.5M in sales for an ROI of 137,000%.