360 Degree Assessments

Do you ever wonder what the boss thinks of your performance?

How a peer sees your effectiveness as a team member?

What your direct reports think of you as their manager or supervisor?

There is a way to discover this valuable information…

Think how your effectiveness within your organization can dramatically improve with candid information from those you work with. Your boss will be impressed that you asked for this evaluation. Your direct hires will appreciate the chance to provide feedback on your management style.

Seize the opportunity to discover this vital information through the CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback Assessment™

The CheckPoint™Assessment is an tool for the aspiring manager or supervisor. Taken from the perspective of your boss, your peers and the people that work for you, the CheckPoint™ Assessment gives you the information you need to be a top performer in your management position.

Valuable reports include:

  • Multi-rater Feedback System – describes a manager’s skills in 8 Universal Management and Leadership Competencies and 18 Skill Sets. It also includes a Personal Development Section that coaches the manager on ways to improve job performance.
  • Comparison Reports – provide a means of measuring a manager’s progress in developing leadership qualities and management skills.
  • Organizational Management Analysis – provides a summary of all individual CheckPoint™ reports within an organization.

This dynamic assessment tools is for anyone is a leadership position. It quantifies a manager’s competencies and verifies the results from several perspectives. The CheckPoint Assessment identifies ways for you to enhance your managerial skills.

Try the CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback Assessment™ for yourself…..

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